Course objective

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The vocational purpose is to qualify the graduate to enter commercial private practice.  Individuals who complete this intensive training will develop the ability to use hypnotic skills effectively. It is specifically designed for self-improvement or as an adjunct to these present professions:

§  Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Physicians, Chiropractors and Dentists

§  Athletic Directors and Coaches

§  Educators

§  Attorneys

§  Business Leaders, Sales People

§  Social Workers, Drug, Alcohol, Marriage and Family Counselors

§  Registered and Practical Nurses

§  Clergy

§  Holistic Health Practitioners

§  Many other occupations

Course contents

Module 1 - Basic Hypnosis - 40 hours

History of Hypnosis

Induction Methods

Suggestibility Testing

Guided Mental Imagery

Psychology of Hypnosis

Pre-Induction Talk

Group Hypnosis

Stop Smoking

How to Market Your Practice

Formulating Suggestions

Group Participation and Practice

Self Hypnosis

Hypnosis in Business, Sports Medicine and Health

Setting up a practice

Module 2 - Advanced Hypnosis - 40 hours

Advanced Methods

Waking Hypnosis

Rapid Induction






Sleep and Dreams

Post Hypnotic Suggestion



Medical & Dental Hypnosis

Glove Anesthesia

The Elman Method

Entertainment Hypnosis

Basic Communication Types

CD Production

The 7 "R's" of Hypnotherapy

Release of Negative Energy

Module 3 Additional Therapies

Pain Management  *** offered as CEU credit hours

Stress Management *** offered as CEU Credit Hours

Module 4 -  40 hours

Hypnosis in the Marketplace

Hypnosis for Health
Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome  

Module 5 - Rapid Change Techniques - 40 hours

Basics of NLP

Dream Analysis in Hypnosis

Introduction to  Erickson

Time Line Techniques

Parts Therapy

Client Time Line



Course Length

To satisfy all possible interest areas, the school recognizes that some applicants are interested in hypnosis in terms of personal improvement and dynamics.  Others, only to the extent of being able to help, or be of service to those around them, as in the family, or using hypnotic skills as a part of their present profession.  Others, of course,  intend to develop a career in helping people. 

For this reason, we offer the course in several parts.  Each of the respective three parts is taught in two weekends.  This schedule allows a student to obtain classroom instruction and complete Directed Independent Study within a period of two weekends.
The total training is 200 hours and will cover a time of five calendar months.

Graduation and Certification

After the successful completion of all five segments, each graduate is issued a Certificate of Completion and can use the
professional designation Ht (Hypnotherapist) .

You are then eligible for certification through IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association) and IACT (International Association of Counselors and Therapists).  The IMDHA certification examination is proctored on your last day of class at no additional fee.
After successfully passing the certification examination you will be entitled to use the professional designation
C. Ht (Certified Hypnotherapist). 


In an effort to make the program more affordable, students are allowed 

12-months to complete the program without incurring additional charges or additional time requirements due to the increase in hours required by IMDHA.

Application fee of $75.00.


 No application fee is required for CEU only students.



Transformational School of Hypnotherapy
3908 Orchard Rd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44121

The school does not offer scholarships.  However, we are accepting Master Card and Visa for your convenience.
 Please contact the school to arrange credit card processing.

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*Tuition and fees are subject to change