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    We believe in total patient care. We believe in treating the mind as well as the body. We believe in emotional and physical well being. We offer  Imagery to help decrease anxiety, fear and stress.

What is Imagery?

    Imagery is a form of focused relaxation. The patient is hypnotized (by the therapist and/or through the use of self-hypnosis) then guided through a short story with positive suggestions. The story is usually combined with soft, soothing and tranquil music. The patient is then encouraged to use his/her imagination to relieve stress, anxiety, fear and/or pain caused by stressful situations. The patient remains in total control, while being in a wonderful state of total relaxation.

What is the benefit of Imagery?

    Patients who are experiencing stress or undergoing a surgical, medical, obstetrical, radiological and ontological procedure usually feels alone and out of control. This can cause fear and increase anxiety.

    Imagery is useful in reassuring the patient that he/she is in control and not alone. This can then promote peace, harmony and self-control within a special place in the patients’ mind.

Who can benefit?

    Anyone who is going through a stressful situation.  Patients who are having surgical and medical care.  Family of patients who are going through terminal illnesses.  Imagery is not an alternative or substitute for medical, mental or surgical treatment. It is, however, a powerful way in which the patient can actively participate in their medical care.

What does research show?

Research shows that Imagery may do the following:

What do I need to do?

    First, contact a qualified Hypnotherapist. The therapist will interview you, then do a  Imagery hypnosis session. This introductory session will help condition you to Imagery. You will then be provided with a tape (or CD if available) which is usually used daily for a period of time.

Hypnosis Works!


What you believe you can do, you will. You can change your life through the power of your mind.

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